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FREE Accident App to Download....

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If you ever find yourself involved in an accident or a witness to one you may be too stressed to record all the relevant details.


Why not download this free specially designed App onto your iPhone/Android phone and should the need arise the app can guide you step by step on what you should do to accurately record the details of the accident including capability to record pictures and audio clips at the scene.


Simply go to the App store and search for “Accident Recorder”. Once this is downloaded you can search under Sherry McCaffery Solicitors or input code LA56.

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Debt Collection


Now more than ever it is important that businesses control their cash flow and minimise your company’s bad debts.


At Sherry McCaffery Solicitors we offer our clients practical legal advice on debt recovery.


Our services range from a solicitor’s letter of demand to the debtor, to obtaining and enforcement of court judgments. Enforcement may be through the County Sheriff. We can also arrange to register the judgment in the Central Courts office or in the trade publications such as Stubb’s Gazette. If the debtor contacts us at any stage of the process we can enter into negotiations, on your instructions, to get a satisfactory settlement figure.


If the debtor has property, we can also proceed to register a judgment mortgage against the property.


We specialise in representing management companies, small and large businesses and individuals who are owed fees for products or services.




Management Companies - We can tailor make a cost package for you for your service charge collection on a per item basis. For more information telephone 087-9198097 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it